Gyumri Ozanyan str. 3

Luxury residential complex
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About The Building

The complex consists of a residential part and a parking lot for 1 segment and an underground parking for cars. The number of available apartments offered in the complex is 39. The planned residential complex is located in the central part of the city, adjacent to the TUMO Creative Technologies Center. High-quality marble and valuable wood, which have been used for the repair of the entrances, enhance the beauty of this residential complex being built in Gyumri. The complex will have an underground parking lot, which can serve as a warehouse during operational times.

Ozanyan str. 3
Ozanyan str. 3
The Doors
Doors equipped with a high-security locking system.
In the future...
Facade finishing is planned with basalt and high-quality traffic slabs
The Structure
Specially processed high-quality marble and valuable wood are used for the repair of entrances.
The Design
Modern and timely design solutions
The Heating System
Individual heating system
Gyumri Ozanyan str. 3
Ozanyan str. 3
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The complex is located next to Shirak Stadium and TUMO, 5 minutes from the center of Gyumri. There are all necessary infrastructures nearby (supermarkets, health and recreation areas, parks, school, kindergarten)